Jone Salomonsen

Har måten vi minnes 22. juli på betydning for demokratiet? Multiworkshop som metode og pedagogikk / Is how we remember July 22 significant for how we do democracy? Multiworkshop as method and pedagogy (Sept 17)

Democracy and ritual. Breivik’s trial as case (Sept 18)

jonesa-150Jone Salomonsen is Professor of Theology at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, and the Chair of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies in Theology and Religion. In addition, Salomonsen is the project leader of the REDO-project.

Selected publications:
– Graced Life After All? Terrorism and Theology on July 22, 2011, Dialog. A Journal of Theology, 2015, Vol 54 (3) (forthcoming in Sept 2015)
– Kristendom, paganisme og kvinnefiendskap, Anders Ravik Jupskås (red.),  Akademiske perspektiver på 22. juli.  Akademisk Forlag, 2013.
– The Affective Work of (Non)Ritual for HIV Positive Women, South Africa, Journal of Ritual Studies2014,28(2), s 9- 22
– Stemmerettsfeminisme, slaveri og teologisk hukommelse, St. Sunniva: Forum for Norsk Kvinnelig Teologforening, 2013(2), s 103- 119
– Enchanted Feminism: Ritual, Gender and Divinity among the Reclaiming Witches of San Francisco, London: Routledge 2002
– Riter. Religiøse overgangsritualer i vår tid, Oslo: Pax Forlag 1999.

Read more about Jone Salomonsen’s individual REDO project HERE

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