Tor Einar Fagerland

The Creation of the 22 July Centre in the Government quarter


Tor Einar Fagerland is an Associate Professor in history at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is Head of Department at Department of Historical Studies, and the project leader for July 22 and the Negotiation of Memory. Fagerland is also project manager for the exhibition in the July 22 Centre at the Government Administration Complex.

Selected Publications:

– (2012): The Steilneset Memorial. An international perspective, Oslo/Stamsund 2012.
– (2011): “The Norwegian Fascist Monument at Stiklestad 1944-45” in, Historicizing the Uses of the Past: Scandinavian Perspectives on History Culture, Historical Consciousness and Didactics of History Related to World War II, Transcript Verlag 2011.


Read more about Tor Einar Fagerland’s individual project HERE

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