Terje Emberland

The Perfect Knight. The SS phantasies of Anders Behring Breivik.

emberlandDr. Terje Emberland is a senior researcher at the Holocaust Centre in Oslo. He has written extensively on the history of Norwegian fascism and Anti-Semitism, the SS, the history of the German occupation of Norway and conspiracy theories. He was called as an expert witness during the trial against Anders Behring Breivik.

– (2012) Himmlers Norge. Nordmenn I det storgermanske prosjekt (Himmler’s Norway. Norwegians in the Greater-Germanic project) (with Matthew Kott)
-(2015) Da fascismen kom til Norge. Den Nasjonale Legions vekst og fall, 1927 til 1928 (When fascism came to Norway. The rise and fall of the National Legion, 1927 – 1928).

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