Inga Bostad

ingabostadDr.philos. Inga Bostad is Director at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and a Member of the Executive Committee of Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI).

Selected publications:

– (2013): Bostad, Inga & Løvlie, Lars. “Education after 22nd july 2012” in Anna-Lena Østern; Kari Smith; Torill Ryghaug; Thorolf Krüger & May Britt Postholm (ed.), Teacher education research between national identity and global trends : NAFOL year book 2012.  Oslo: Akademika forlag.
– (2012): “Existential Education and the Quest for a New Humanism: How to Create Disturbances and Deeper Thinking in Schools and Universities?” in Lennart Wikander; Christina Gustafsson & Ulla Riis (ed.), Enlightenment, Creativity and Education: Polities, Politics, Performances. Dordrecht: Sense Publishers.

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