Lars Laird Iversen

Lars Laird IversenLars Laird Iversen is a sociologist and does research on religion, school and national identity in diverse societies. He is an associate professor at MF – Norwegian School of Theology.

Selected publications:

– (2014): Uenighetsfellesskap: blikk på demokratisk samhandling. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo.
– (2014): Presenting the iterative curriculum discourse analysis (ICDA) approach. British Journal of Religious Education 2014 ;Volum 36.(1) s. 53-71
– (2013): Can you be a Muslim and not believe in God? : how fluid or solid are religions? : introducing viscosity to the interpretive approach. I:Religion in education : innovation in international research. Routledge 2013 ISBN 978-0-415-65949-9. s. 167-181
– (2012): Learning to be Norwegian : a case study of identity management in religious education in Norway. Waxmann Verlag 2012 (ISBN 9783830926474) Religious Diversity and Education in Europe(21)

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