Jonas Gahr Støre


Jonas Gahr Støre is the political leader of The Labour Party in Norway.
Støre served as Minister of Health and Care Services from 2012 to 2013 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2005 to 2012.
Jonas Gahr Støre has a degree in political science from Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris.

Jonas Gahr Støre will speak at The House of Literature on September 17th at 15.15 on the subject: The rise of extremist ideologies: what is at stake for democracy and society?

Selected publications:

– (2014): I bevegelse – veivalg for det 21. århundre. Oslo: Cappelen Damm
– (2008): Å gjøre en forskjell – Refleksjoner fra en norsk utenriksminister. Oslo: Cappelen Damm

Carl Petter Opsahl

opsahlCarl Petter Opsahl is PhD in theology, a musician and reverend at Oslo City Mission.




Selected publications:

– (forthcoming 2016): Dance to my ministry. Exploring hiphop Spirituality, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlag
– (2011): “En by fylt av blomster. Spontanritualisering etter 22. juli” i Kirke og Kultur, nr 1/2011. (A city filled with flowers. Spontaneous ritualization after July 22).

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Grzegorz Brzozowski

gregGrzegorz Brzozowski is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. He is affiliated as Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Yale Center for Cultural Sociology, where he was a visiting researcher in 2013. He also works as a freelance documentary director, having graduated from Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. His research interests include neo-Durkheimian sociology of religion, performatics, festive public sphere and visual anthropology.



Selected publications:
– (2014): “Clashing temporalities of public mourning: Warsaw after the Death of Pope John Paul II.” in TDR/The Drama Review Fall 2014, Vol. 58, No. 3 (T223): 84–96.
– (2013): “Spatiality and the Performance of Belief: The Public Square and the Collective Mourning for John Paul  II” in Journal of Contemporary Religion, Volume 28, Issue 2, 2013.

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Kyrre Kverndokk

kverndokkKyrre Kverndokk is Professor in Cultural Studies at the University of Bergen.





Selected publications:
– (2015): Naturkatastrofer –  en kulturhistorie. Scandinavian Academic Press, in print.
– (2014) “Mediating the Morals of Disasters: Hurricane Katrina in Norwegian News Media” in Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies. 2: 78-87.
– (2013): Negotiating Terror, Negotiating Love. Commemorative Convergence in Norway after the Terrorist Attack on 22 July 2011. I: Theraputic Uses of Storytelling. An interdisiplinary Approach to Narration as Therapy. Nordic Academic Press 2013,  s. 133-156
– (2013): “Monumentalt og usynlig: Minnesmerkers vei inn og ut av glemselen”. I Anne Eriksen, Ragnhild Evang Reinton, Mia Göran (red.): Tingenes tilsynekomst. Novus forlag, Oslo 2013. 119-139.
– (2012): “I kveld er gatene fylt av kjærlighet”: Om spontane minnesteder, communitas og rituell renselse ette 22. juli 2011. I: Kulturaliseringens samhälle. Problemorienterad kulturvetenskaplig forskning ved Tema Q 2002-2012. Linköping: Linköpings universitet 2012, s. 191-197.

Gitte Buch-Hansen

Gitte Buch-HansenGitte Buch-Hansen is cand. theol. PhD, Professor MSO New Testament Exegesis at the Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen. Buch-Hansen has contributed to the REDO project with the research project: Consumed Identities. The Eucharist and the Negotiation of National Identity in the Danish Majority Church in which the effects of the globalization on the theology and practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Den Danske Folkekirke) has been examined. The project focused on converting asylum seekers’ encounter with the church.



Selected publications:
– (2015): Gitte Buch-Hansen, Kirsten Donskov Felter and Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen. Sep. 2015. “Ethnographic Ecclesiology and the Challenges of Scholarly Situatedness”. DeGruyter: Open Theology. (
– (2015): “Arvingerne. Rom 9-11 som kognitiv terapi for sammenbragte familier” in Paulusevangeliet. Nye perspektiver på Romerbrevet. red. / Troels Engberg-Pedersen; Kasper Bro-Larsen. Frederiksberg : Forlaget Anis.
– (2015): “Bibelen i gudstjenesten” / Buch-Hansen, Gitte (Redaktør); Poulsen, Frederik (Redaktør) in Publikationer fra Det Teologiske Fakultet, Vol. 60. København : Det Teologiske Fakultet, 2015.

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Bård Vegar Solhjell

SOLHJELL Bård Vegar. Sosialistisk Venstreparti. Akershus. SV. Ak. 2013-2017. Utenriks- og forsvarskomiteen. UFK. 27. Medlem av: Delegasjonen for forbindelser med Europaparlamentet.Bård Vegar Solhjell is a representative for the Socialist Left Party(SV) and Member of The Norwegian Parliament for Akershus County. Solhjell is former Minister of the Environment, and a Member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence and Member of European Consultative Committee.



Selected publications:
– (2014): Sjakk – ei kjærleikshistorie. Oslo: Samlaget.
– (2011): Solidaritet på ny. Oslo: Samlaget.



Michael Noah Weiss

Michael Noah WeissDr. Michael Noah Weiss works as a university lecturer in ethics and as a certified philosophic practitioner. He is board member of the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice and vice-president of the Global Ethic Initiative Austria.


Selected publictions:

– (2013): “Dialog er svaret på alt” med Jens Oscar Jensen(red.) & Nicolai Strøm-Olsen(red.). Oslo: Frekk forlag.
– (2015): “The Socratic handbook. Dialog Methods for Philosophical Practice“. Vienna: Lit Verlag

Liv Tørres

livtørresDr. Liv Tørres is Secretary General at Norwegian People’s Aid with background as former political advisor to the Minister of Labour in Norway and extensive research experience from the research centre Fafo and University of Oslo.

Selected publications:

– (2010): “Bak fanene”. Oslo: Gyldendal arbeidsliv”.
– (2006): “Poverty and labour : nothing grows on the labourer’s skin”, in Dan Banik (red.) Poverty, politics and development : interdisciplinary perspectives. Bergen: Fagbokforlaget.

Ingrid Vik

ingridvikIngrid Vik is an author and a senior consultant at Scanteam. Vik works with comparative religion and human rights in international politics.


Selected publication:

– (2015): “Guds lobby”. Oslo: Manifest forlag
– (2015): “Islamic cooperation and reproductive rights:,The role of the OIC at the UN and in Africa. ”. Moe, Vik. Norad. Mars 2015.
– (2014): ”Family Matters. Family Values in International Politics”. Vik, Stensvold, Moe. Norad.
– (2013): “Lobbying for Faith and Family. A study of religious NGOs at the UN.” Vik, Moe, Stensvold. Norad.

Birte Nordahl

birtenordahl Birte Nordahl is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, and part of the REDO project. She is also an ordained minister in the Church of Norway and her previous position was as clergy at Oslo Cathedral. Nordahl has also worked within the performing arts, with education, as an editor and with social and feminist issues.

Selected publication:

– Nordahl Sandum, Birte (2013), «Kjærlighet og kjønn», St. Sunniva nr. 2, 2013, s. 137-151 (15 s)

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