Gitte Buch-Hansen

Gitte Buch-HansenGitte Buch-Hansen is cand. theol. PhD, Professor MSO New Testament Exegesis at the Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen. Buch-Hansen has contributed to the REDO project with the research project: Consumed Identities. The Eucharist and the Negotiation of National Identity in the Danish Majority Church in which the effects of the globalization on the theology and practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Den Danske Folkekirke) has been examined. The project focused on converting asylum seekers’ encounter with the church.



Selected publications:
– (2015): Gitte Buch-Hansen, Kirsten Donskov Felter and Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen. Sep. 2015. “Ethnographic Ecclesiology and the Challenges of Scholarly Situatedness”. DeGruyter: Open Theology. (
– (2015): “Arvingerne. Rom 9-11 som kognitiv terapi for sammenbragte familier” in Paulusevangeliet. Nye perspektiver på Romerbrevet. red. / Troels Engberg-Pedersen; Kasper Bro-Larsen. Frederiksberg : Forlaget Anis.
– (2015): “Bibelen i gudstjenesten” / Buch-Hansen, Gitte (Redaktør); Poulsen, Frederik (Redaktør) in Publikationer fra Det Teologiske Fakultet, Vol. 60. København : Det Teologiske Fakultet, 2015.

Read more about Gitte Buch-Hansen’s individual REDO project HERE

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