Program Sept 18-19

Utøya Island and The 22 July Centre

Friday September 18th on Utøya – Conference & Tour to memorial site

Open to all. Conference language September 18-19: English
Chairs for today’s meeting: Marion Grau, Tor Einar Fagerland & Gitte Buch-Hansen

Meetup at meeting point: Fridtjof Nansens plass, next to Oslo City Hall

Departure from Oslo to Utøya

Welcome and guided tour on Utøya by Jørgen W. Frydnes and Tor Einar Fagerland

Coffee/fruit break

Sharp & short: Critical conference summaries so far by keynotes


  • Cora Alexa Døving [Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Oslo]: Homeland ritualized: An analysis of written messages placed at temporal memorials in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 22 July 2011.
    Respondent: Ronald L. Grimes
  • Ida Marie Høeg [KIFO]: Negotiating identity in interreligious funerals for the victims of 22 July 2011.
    Respondent: Paul-Francois Tremlett


Short presentations

Short coffee break


Short break with coffee and cake


Departure from Utøya to Oslo

Saturday September 19th at The 22 July Centre in the government quarter in Oslo – Conference & Round table discussion

Open to all. Conference language September 18-19: English
Meeting presiders: Nina Hoel & Paul-Francois Tremlett

08.45 Registration

09.00-10.00 Guided tour in the 22July Centre by Tor Einar Fagerland

10.00-10.10 Short coffee break

10.10-10.50  Evil, responsibility and theological meaning making

  • Kjetil Hafstad [Theology, UiO]: Contesting evil: Developing theological understanding of resistance
  • Trond Bakkevig [Rev. Dr. & Canon]: Christian Preaching when Faced with Extremist Action

10.50-12.30  Interrogating Evil: Responsive and critical engagements with Church, ideologies and personhood after July 22

12.30-13.00   Sharp & short: Conference summaries by Grzegorz Brzozowski, keynotes et al. 

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