Program September 17

Thursday September 17th at The House of Literature – Conference & Panel debate

Keynotes: Chantal Mouffe (democracy), Roger Griffin (extremism), James E. Young (memory), Ronald L. Grimes (ritual)

Open to all, free admission on September 17.

Conference languages September 17: Norwegian and English. All papers translated to English before conference began. Simultaneous translation from Norwegian to English provided for English-speaking guests.

Meeting presiders: Ingrid Vik og Thorgeir Kolshus

08.30 am

  • Registration

09.00-11.00 am

  • Åsne Seierstad read from “One of Us. The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway”
  • Short presentation: Jørgen Watne Frydnes [General Manager Utøya]: “The Clearing” – the memorial at Utøya
  • Prof James E. Young [Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, UMass Amherst, USA]: Utøya and Norway’s July 22nd Memorial Process: The Memory of Terror Respondent: Jon Reitan [The Falstad Centre, Trondheim]
  • Tor Einar Fagerland [History, NTNU]: The Creation of the 22 July Centre in the Government quarter Respondent: Guri Hjeltnes [Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Oslo]

11.00-11.10 am

  • Coffee and snacks

11.00-12.30 pm

12.30-13.15 pm

  • Lunch

13.15-15.00 pm

  • Tonje Brenna [former General Secretary of AUF]: What are the political work tasks post-July 22? Respondent: Einar Braathen [Political science, NIBR, Oslo]
  • Prof Roger Griffin [Modern history, Oxford Brooks U, UK]: A Conservative Revolution of Humanity? Breivik’s racial-‘Christian’ counter-jihad and how civil society should respond. Respondent: Aage Storm Borchgrevink [The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Oslo]
  • Prof Chantal Mouffe [Political science, U of Westminster, UK]: Democracy and Conflict: An Agonistic Approach. Respondents: Lars Laird Iversen [Sociology, Norwegian School of Theology] & Liv Tørres [Political science and General Secretary of The Norwegian People’s Aid]

15.00-15.15 pm

  • Coffee and snacks

15.15-16.30 pm

  • Short address by Rev. Dr & Canon Trond Bakkevig: The rise of extremist ideologies: what is at stake for religion and church?
  • Short address by Jonas Gahr Støre [Political Leader, The Labour Party]: The rise of extremist ideologies: what is at stake for democracy and society?
  • Panel debate: What is at stake for democracy and society with the rise of extremist ideologies? How do we give ultranationalist and extremist ideologies resistance? What are the democratic work task post- July 22? How important is memorial work in this wider context?
    Participants: Jonas Gahr Støre [Leader, The Labour Party], Trond Bakkevig [Rev. Dr & Canon], Eskil Pedersen [former Political Leader of AUF] Linda Noor [Minotenk], Henrik Syse [PRIO], Inga Bostad [Director, Norwegian Center for Human Rights], Bernt Hagtvet [U of Oslo].

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