Cora Alexa Døving

Homeland ritualized – An analysis of the memorial messages laid down in the streets of Oslo after 22 July

hldøvingThe memorial messages  displays a relation between the private and the public – something personal was expressed and brought into the public.  The messages are a ritualistic attempt to influence not only how we as a society should understand the terror attack and the response to it, but also an attempt to influence on society itself. The memorial messages are interpreted as gifts (sacrifices) rendered as part of a purification of the streets of Oslo, a purification made possible by expressing certain values and need for change.

Cora Alexa Døving is a senior researcher in the field of minority studies at Center for studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, located in Oslo. Her field of research is minority- and majority relations in Norway, religion and change, ritual studies, racism, anti-semitism and islamophobia.
Her latest publications are:
– (2015): Hva er rasisme” (Bangstad og Døving) Oslo Universitetsforlaget
– (2014): “Position and Self-understanding of Sunni Muslim Imams in Norway” in Journal of Muslims in Europe, 3 (2014) 209-233, Brill ​
Read more about Cora Alexa Døving’s individual REDO project HERE

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